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PROOF OF THE BIBLE what do you know about The Da Vinci Code? That is a novel by Dan Brown, they’re now making a movie out of it, and is in the theatres already. this novel has a different view of the Bible and of Jesus Christ. We have also seen front page headlines, around the world about a lost gospel of Judas. in this gospel it pictures Judas, not as a traitor to Jesus Christ, but as a hero. you may also have heard of the gospels of Philip, and Thomas, and Mary. It seems to be endless. But look, the gospel of Judas was found in Egypt. I guess it had been put there some nearly 2,000 years ago, and there were 13 sheets in 1,000 fragments. Now, we need to think about that. And they seem to act like it’s so important to all of us. But does our salvation depend upon a document of a tattered and worn document, maybe a couple of thousand years old, and we just have recently discovered it? Does our salvation really depend on something like that? Is it all that shaky? Is there any credence we can give to those writings? Well, I’ll tell you this, they’re all anti-Bible, and anti-God. And since our salvation’s at stake, in the long run at least, we need to be concerned about this. And do we really know what these writings are all about, and which ones to believe, whether we believe the traditional beliefs that presumably came from the Bible? Or do we believe these fraudulent documents, which really would never have even been accepted probably a few years ago, but they are today? Now, the problem with these deceitful writings is that there’s a deeper deceit here. If Christianity were preaching the truth and the Bible the way they should, I don’t believe these writings would have much of an impact at all, but the whole world is deceived. The whole world is deceived, and that includes religion. And we need to be proving all things in this very, very.well, information-glutted age when there’s no telling what you may be reading. 1 But a big problem here is, they simply don’t know the Bible. Now, if you’re going to try to understand, let’s say, about a counterfeit dollar bill, you’re going to have to know what a real dollar bill looks like. And you’re going to have to know what a counterfeit gospel is, if you’re going to know what the real gospel is or the real Bible is, by proving all things, as God says. I mean the religious deceit in this world is just shocking. It’s dumbfounding. And people are digging these things out of caves, and somehow they capture the imagination of the world in a lot of instances. But do you know something? Every single one of them, every single one of them is really attacking the Bible, and attacking the Christ of the Bible. They’re anti-Bible, they’re anti-God, and what does it mean to you? Now, I can prove that to you, and you can prove it to yourself. If we are going to be defenders of the truth for God, we’re going to have to begin to speak out on these issues. Notice what.just an excerpt from Mr. Brown’s book, The Da Vinci Code. Here’s what a leading character says very authoritatively: “The Bible is a product of man, my dear. Not of God. The Bible did not fall magically from the clouds. Man created it as a historical record of tumultuous times, and it has evolved through countless translations, additions and revisions. History has never had a definitive version of the book.” Well, now, that may sound good to some people. He’s making all those claims, and he’s assuming all of it, this character is, anyhow, assuming all those claims. And they’re all wrong, every one of them. And you can prove it! You can prove it, that anti-God speculation. This character says: “History has never had a definitive version…” and that is absolutely, TOTALLY false! It has had a definitive version. The problem is they have rejected it! Men have rejected it! We need to study our own human nature here. Christ taunts the critics by saying, “Well, PROVE Me now herewith! PROVE Me now herewith!” Or PROVE all things! God isn’t backing down from the critics, and neither should we. But, of this novel by Dan Brown, there’s very high praise, and there’s very sharp criticism. Many believe it’s an attempt to get to the original truth about Jesus Christ, and of course, others strongly disagree with that. But does anybody have proof? Does ANYBODY really prove their view? Now, obviously these are different views of Jesus Christ, and Christians are supposed to follow Jesus Christ, but how can you follow Jesus Christ if you don’t know Him and if you don’t know which books He inspired? And He absolutely, dogmatically states that He did! Well, how can you know Him from a lost gospel you just somehow dug out of a cave? Does that really make any sense? Now, you can say, “Well, hey, this guy doesn’t…” I don’t know what I’m talking about. But I’ll tell you one big difference between me and these quotes I’ll give you here, and all of the other writings that I’m talking about, is that I will give you PROOF that what I am saying is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! And you don’t have to guess or assume; you can 2 KNOW that. And I hope you’ll take up that challenge and prove these things for yourself, if you haven’t done so yet. Notice 2 Timothy 3:16: All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 2 Timothy 3 and verse 16. Can you prove that? All scripture. Well, what is scripture? How about the lost book of Judas? Or Mary? Or Philip? Or Thomas? How about those? Are they scripture? And the answer is no, no, no, no! They’re not scripture at all, and we have a booklet we’re going to give you on The Proof of the Bible, and it certainly will get you started in the right direction, but I’m telling you, even that is the tip of the iceberg of the proof that we can give you, that what I’m saying is absolutely true. Now, if salvation is at stake, if SALVATION is at stake, in the short run or the long run (however you want to view this), isn’t it really urgent that all of us do something about this, and really take up God's challenge? Well, I think it is. Notice what they’re writing about the book. Well, this is taken actually from the Philadelphia Trumpet, April 2006, and if you didn’t get that issue and you’d like a copy of this article on The Da Vinci Code, we’ll send you a copy of this article. We’ll give you a reprint article. But notice what we wrote in our magazine: “Brown’s book focuses on goddess worship, or worship of the divine feminine. He ties this pagan mysticism to Mary Magdalene. Brown would have us believe that Christ and Mary Magdalene were active participants in a pagan sex cult. It’s all wild, darkly evil fable. Brown takes his proof from Da Vinci’s painting The Last Supper. He assures us that it is Mary Magdalene sitting next to Christ, not John.” Now, look. If Jesus Christ was involved in a pagan sex cult, then you don’t have a Savior, because He offered Himself as a sinless offering for all of the sins of mankind. So we can fold up our tents, and go fishing, or do whatever we want to do if He really was involved in something like that. I mean these are heavy issues, and they’re scoffing at the great God and the Word that He inspired! And somebody needs to say so! Somebody needs to talk about that because there’s not a shred, not a shred, not a SHRED of evidence for what they’re saying. None! Nothing! Isn’t that amazing? Now, if you don’t know the Bible, maybe that sounds credible, but he is telling you that, look, the Bible.this is just the work of men. The Old Testament and the New Testament. Now, he doesn’t offer any proof; he just makes that bold, blatant statement. And yet, what they’re trying to do is to turn you away from what God says, to what men say. They act like they’re trying to turn you.and they may be sincere in doing it. trying to turn you away from what they believe to be the writings of men, but they are wrong! They’re wrong! And they’re dangerously wrong! And they don’t have one iota of spiritual proof! Now, this author, I mean takes his proof from a Da Vinci painting, of all things! I mean, we can laugh at that! If it weren’t so serious, if this subject weren’t so serious! But if you want proof you’d better go into the inspired Word of God and get it there, because it isn’t any place else! You won’t find it any place else! Certainly not in a painting by a 3 man that.well, what did he know about the Bible and God, in the first place? And even if he did, what is.I mean who could, who would interpret that painting very differently? Probably most everybody. So there’s no proof there. Jesus Christ makes some bold statements, and God the Father does, as well. And they tell us throughout the Bible that this Bible was preserved, the Old Testament by the Jews, and the New Testament by the Greeks. That’s proven by the Bible, itself. But notice, let me quote Brown again.or excuse me, the article about this Da Vinci Code, from our April 2006 Trumpet. “Brown plays upon the Gnostic legends that Christ wanted Mary to head the Church, but the chauvinists.Peter and the other apostles. prevented this from happening after Christ’s death. Legends say Mary became a famous preacher founding Christian communities. The huge error in Brown’s book makes Mary Magdalene out to be more important than Jesus Christ. This fact has attracted a large feminist audience to the book.” Now, I think you know.if you know anything about the Bible.that this is about as contemptuous toward the Bible as anything you have ever read. I mean they are scorning the Bible, and what is it all about? Putting Mary Magdalene above Jesus Christ. I think that ought to stir up some righteous indignation, shouldn’t it? You look at Luke 8, verses 1 through 3, and you’ll see that Christ actually cast seven demons out of Mary Magdalene. Now, if somebody’s really in that condition mentally and spiritually, unless God heals them, too, they may have those scars for the rest of their life. In fact, they would have some scars. But who really believes Jesus Christ? Do you really believe He cast seven demons out of that woman? Do you really believe demons roam this earth and actually heavily influence men, and even possess them? Well, Christ was casting out demons all the time, but who believes that? Who believes the devil roams this earth, and is the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4)? Who believes that? Who believes there are demons infesting this earth, after the rebellion of Lucifer and one-third of the angels? Who believes that? They don’t die; they’re here, and they’re still doing their dirty work, but who believes that? Let me read you another scripture from the Moffat translation. Isaiah 41, verses 21 through 24. “Let us hear what has happened in the past, that we may ponder it. Or show me what is yet to be, that we may watch how it turns out. Yet let us hear what is coming, that we may be sure that you are gods.” Here’s the taunting of the critics, from God. “Come! Do something or other, that we may marvel at the sight. Why, you are things of naught! You can do nothing at all!” From the Moffat translation. God says, “Well, why don’t you show us what’s going to come?” God does it all the time, and I mean we have abundant proof of that. “Well, why don’t you tell us what’s coming in the future, since you seem to know so much? Tell us what’s coming!” “Why,” He said, “Why, you men are.these things are of naught, and you are NOTHING! You’re zero!” Compared to God. 4 In another place, Isaiah 46, verses 9 and 10, He says, “I am God, and there’s none like Me.” There’s none like Me! Nobody’s in that class! Now, look we can send you a hundred books and booklets over time to prove to you that God does prophesy the future, and it comes to pass! It’s doing it all the time! I mean you can see it almost every week in your news magazines or your news sources! One-third of your Bible is prophecy, and 90% of that prophecy is being fulfilled today. I mean God challenges you, but it’s easy to prove that God is prophesying today. Booklets like Daniel and Revelation are just for the end time. The main focus of all the Major and Minor Prophets are on the end time. Notice Daniel 2 and verse 28: But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known to the king Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days… Now, first of all, you see, God says, “Let me tell you, there is a God in heaven.” A God in heaven, and He governs. He not only governs the earth, He governs the heavens. He governs the universe! This is all about government! And He’s telling Nebuchadnezzar He does rule this earth, and the universe, according to His plan. But He also tells you in the whole book of Daniel is for the latter days! And that’s an Old Testament book, and none of it was for any other time except the time we’re living in right now. Now, you see, that’s where secular and religious people both stumble, is they don’t like that government of God. And that’s where they go astray, and that’s where they stumble. But again, you see, they turn away because they don’t.well, they don’t want to listen to that because they’d have to submit to government, and they don’t tremble before the Word of God. They don’t even know what it is. They don’t want to know what it is, and these guys who say that this is all from man have never, ever proven it one way or the other. They’re just assuming that! They never offer proof. Did you know that? God always has you offer proof. Let me read you a quote from this booklet on The Proof of the Bible that we’ll send you. Here’s how it reads: “Most highly educated people and men of science ASSUME that the Bible is not the infallible revelation of a supernatural God, and they assume this without the scientific proof that they demand on MATERIAL questions. Most fundamentalists believers ASSUME…” Talking about of the Bible. “…ASSUME on sheer faith, never having seen proof that the Holy Bible is the very Word of God.” You see, all these highly educated people, scholars, scientists, they just ASSUME that this book is NOT the infallible Word of God. They’ve never proven it, one way or the other; they just assume it. And then you have most religious people in the other ditch. They don’t prove it either; they just accept it by faith, and say, “This is the Word of God.” But they, too, have failed to prove it. Look, we need to prove this. Jesus Christ also said one of the major prophecies, and one in itself that ought to make us all look into the Bible, but He says in Matthew Chapter 24, verses 21 and 22, that if He didn’t return and stop what’s going on in this Earth, there would be no flesh saved alive! 5 He said that 2,000 years ago. Does that startle and sober men today? It ought to, but it doesn’t. Not according to my calculations, it surely does not. Look, we face the worst time of suffering ever on this Earth. Christ PROPHESIED it! And wants us to learn from it! And avoid the catastrophe! But we have men going around saying, “Well, hey, there’s not a shred of evidence that this is the Word of God.” And they don’t give you any evidence one way or the other; they just make the bold, blatant, anti-Bible statements, frankly. I mean they’re ignorant statements because they don’t prove it, one way or the other. I mean there is proof, one way or the other. You just can’t make those statements like that and not prove it. Does that make sense? Well, then you’re just following men if you do that, but look, time is running out. Let me read you what Christ told the Jews in His day, and see.even if you don’t believe in God, even if you reject the ought to consider this because it’s serious enough to do so. Notice John 5 and verse 39: Search the Scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. He’s telling the Jews, “You’d better search the scriptures.” He was warning them. “You think you have eternal life, and just the opposite is true. You don’t. You think you have eternal life.” Do you know what happened to those Jews? Well, they entered into a holocaust, and all kinds of cannibalism and everything else. A type of what’s coming upon the world in this end time, if we don’t wake up. He warned them, and He told them, but they wouldn’t believe Him. They believed what other men were saying, without any evidence, and without any proof, and they believed in false religion without really proving it, without proving whether or not Jesus Christ was the Son of God sent to this Earth by His Father. They didn’t know Christ, and the world today doesn’t know Christ. They talk about His person, but they don’t talk about His message, like they should, certainly. They don’t do that, at all. Christ said, “The scriptures testify of Me. Search the scriptures,” He said. I mean the Old Testament and the New Testament are just intertwined together. I believe it’s that the New Testament is 25% quotes from the Old Testament; I think I remember that statistic correctly. But here Jesus Christ is talking about eternal life, and eternal death. Eternal life and eternal death. And He says we ought to live by every word of God (Matthew 4 and verse 4). Notice Matthew 22 and verse 29: … Ye do err, not knowing the Scriptures… Oh, so that’s the reason they all err. That’s the reason that all the Jews erred, and that’s the reason that religious people err today; they don’t know the inspired scriptures of God! They could know! They don’t know the scriptures… nor the power of God.