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Peace With God


(Teachings on the Unconditional Love and Grace of God)

by Charlie Borjas

#1 Who Is God an Angry With?

Recently, I read an article " The War is Over" by andrew Wommack, and viewed the TV broadcast on the internet of the same title.
You can read it for yourself if you are interested at:
This article and series is an excellent catalyst to cause one to ponder their relationship with God and how He relates to them, and we to Him.

At the end of the article Andrew writes," If you donユt fully understand the sacrifice that Jesus made for us and what that means, you will never be able to relate to God in the way that He intended."

This impressed upon me the importance of ensuring that I have the right relationship with the Lord. For a long time I had been concerned about the fact that many Christians and religious groups think of God as someone who will angrily judge people and
nations for their sins.
They use examples of Sodom and Gomorra, Israel of Old, Elijah calling fire down from heaven, and other Old Testament examples of the wrath of God upon man.
They even use the example of Job's afflictions to say that God put those things on Job to teach him a lesson.

I have seen that after a disaster, flood, hurricane, terrorist attack, devastating war, or some other cataclysmic event, that there are Christians, groups , and prophets that stand up and say things like, "This was the judgments of God upon those people" For whatever reason they give as the thing that prompted God to judge them.

Why is it they could not foresee these things happening if they are so in tune with God and know what He is doing? Why is it that after something happens these people come in and insensitively pass judgement on people, nations, cities and individuals? What would make them want to do such an unloving, harsh thing?


How insensitive and hard-hearted people would have to be to say that God did so and so because He was angry and so He destroyed them. People fail to see that what they are doing is in a way, telling God how He needs to operate His business, which is according to their conception or interpretation of righteousness. That is what it amounts to. Their own interpretation of God's righteousness, and not God's.

They act just like the apostles who told Jesus that he should call fire down from heaven to consume those that had rejected Him in Samaria. Jesus' reply was, " I came to save life , not to take it" People can sometimes get just as heard hearted and heard headed as these disciples were. Jesus even told them that their hearts were hard because they did not consider the miracle of the loaves and the fish, when they were so surprised at Jesus calming the storm.

Remember the Word says in Matthew chapter 5, "Judge not that ye be not judged, for with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged, and with what measure ye mete it shall be measured to you again." That is just the old English way of saying that you will be judged the same way you judge others.


To quote Andrew Wommack again, " Until you understand this, many things in the Bible will not make sense, and you will remain defeated because of your inability to earn the blessings of God." We feel defeated when we realize that after all we have done we are still incapable, unqualified and fall short of earning God's love and blessings,( Ro. 3:23) because of the mind set that drives us to think that we have to do something to get God to love us, bless us, and answer our prayers.

With Christians who are trying to develop a close relationship with the Lord, there are many things we have to go through. Many things happen in our lives that we cannot explain or have no answers for. There is a tendency to then say that it was God who allowed these things to happen to teach us something, or that it is God's will to get this sickness, accident or disease because He is punishing us, or that it is God, who did this or that to cause such a one to suffer. People have even said that "God took my child, husband or wife".


Personally I believe that this kind of a lack of faith and knowledge of God's intimate love grieves God.
Here is a verse that really impressed me when I read the article written by Andrew Wommack. "

2 Corinthians 5:19 and 21 says,

メTo wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliationノFor he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.モ

Sometimes we don't want to read and understand Bible verses that have nothing to do with our favorite doctrine or the area we are focusing on in our life, or maybe we just don't understand some verses so they may not be our favorite. Anyway, when I read this verse in this new light, I could understand what Paul was saying for the first time.

All he is saying is that God will not judge people for their sins after Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. Jesus did it all and it is no longer necessary for God to hold us accountable for our actions.

How do we then explain the things that do happen to people, nations, cities and whole ares? First you need to know and realize that it is not God who is causing these unfortunate disasters and wrecking people's lives, killing scores of innocent people, including women and children. How could anyone who claims to know God believe that the same God who said in Genesis 8 and 9 that He would never again smite every living thing and made an everlasting covenant, a promise to that effect, and has promised life, blessing, abundance, forgiveness of sins, eternal life and love in thousands of Bible verses through and through His Word turn right around and cause all of these sufferings and deaths?

You mean to say that you believe that the God of Love, God of the whole universe and everything that exists, small enough to come and live in your heart, is at the same time living a double life? Is schizophrenic?

That's more like saying God is like a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde type of being who is unpredictable, you never know when He is going to say, "I love you, my dear child" or go "Crash, Bang, Boom right on your head!" Now what kind of a relationship is that?

That does not sound very much like a relationship of love and trust now is it? How can we love and trust in a God, completely surrender and put ourselves at the mercy of a God that we are not sure about? We wouldn't know from one minute to the next just what He is going to do , because we all know that we do sin, and are not perfect right?

That is similar to how I felt when I was a Catholic and I think that this concept of an angry God is more Catholic than anything. I mean, how can you love a God like that, when you don't know if He is going to kill you in your sleep or let you live another day, or maybe you will wake up with some kind of Cancer or something as a punishment for your sins?

This is also a good question; if this is the way God really is, and He judges people according to their performance, why do some people get it, and some people don't? Why even do some seemingly good people have to suffer all kinds of things and the seemingly bad ones get to escape?

The religious world has all kinds of answers for this one too. Like, "Well, no one knows the ways of the Lord, and God moves in mysterious ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not

our ways" and so on and so forth. You can think of a thousand answers that will justify this way of thinking, but it will not help you to succeed in having a close relationship with the Lord. These are things you hear people say all the time, because they have no real logical explanation.

I think that the real reason people have this image of an angry God is because their hearts are hardened towards Him. There is a bitterness against God and others that has hardened their hearts. Not only that, but wrong teaching that has crept in, wiping out the forgiveness and grace of God has also caused people's hearts to be hardened towards God. The movie world sometimes capitalizes on this with their realistic human interest stories of people whose lives were taken through the wringer and the blame , as usual, falls on God.
This , I believe , influences people to draw the wrong conclusions about God.

Then there is the natural unbelief and carnal mind that causes us to try to figure God out and think that He has to operate according to our own sense of justice, or right and wrong.


Here I will boldly make this statement, by quoting Andrew Wommack again, and say that I agree with this 100%

"When we say that God is judging our sins as individuals or corporately as a nation, we are voiding what Jesus did. "

That means when we say that God is going to judge America , or any other nation for that matter, what we are saying is that Jesus failed in His mission to take away the sins of the world. We are saying that all sin is not forgiven and there are some sins and some people that still have to suffer the wrath of God for their sins.

In John 17:4 Jesus said that He finished the work that God had sent Him to do. On the cross He also said just before He died, "It is finished." If Jesus Himself proclaimed that it is finished, who are we or anyone else , for that matter, to say that Jesus was not finished? There is still a lot of judging left to do before He comes back, and we need to work our way into the blessings and favor of God?


This we know, of course, that people who reject Jesus, and refuse to accept Him as their savior have no other fate but to be eternally separated from God. We also know that God fights for His children, and has often intervened in miraculous ways in their behalf. We also know that the Bible says we will reap what we sow, so no one is going to get away with doing anything wicked or bad, as there are consequences to sin. Let's face it,
anyone who would life a life of sin because he thinks all his sins are forgiven anyway is just plain dumb.
You do not want to do that, because the wages of sin is death. It is an automatic thing. You will reap what you sow, without God having to have a direct hand in it. That is just the way things are set up.

If a father tells his child not to run out into the street,and if he does he will get a spanking, so the child runs out there, and gets a spanking, the father did right in disciplining His child, so that he won't get killed by a car in the future.

But if a father, in order to teach his child not to run out into the street and get hit by a car, pushes him out in front of a moving vehicle, not to kill him, but even just to let him get a taste of what it is like to


get hit by a car, so he won't want to disobey his father and run out into the street, that would be considered child abuse and that father would go to jail.

Yes there are spankings, as God does correct His children, but it is a far cry from judgment and destruction, and the harsh punishment that many attribute to Him.

Yet there are millions of people who believe that it is perfectly fine for God to treat His children that way, and afflict them with sickness, accidents, financial problems, depression, etc. etc. Is a human father more kind than our heavenly Father? No parent in their right mind would ever even consider purposely making his child suffer with sickness, causing accidents, even death, to teach them a lesson. Those who do abuse their children in this way with cruelty and violence are put away as criminals, yet why do people not think it abusive and strange that a God of love should treat his children in this way to punish them or teach them a lesson?



I am going to talk about two powers here, the power of God and the power of Satan. Which one do you think is the greater power? That's right, the power of God, of course. The Bible says ,"For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil" And what exactly are those works? First of all, What did Jesus go around doing? Let us take a look in the Gospels.

Matthew 4:23, "And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people."

Now this is just one of the many many oodles of verses that give the picture of Jesus, God's Son, as going around healing diseases, not inflicting diseases upon people. Yet many people think that Jesus afflicts them with disease and sickness. There is no record anywhere in the Bible of Jesus ever making someone sick, or causing someone to have an accident, or where Jesus brings the wrath of God upon a nation or city. So when did this doctrine start?


Acts 10:38 says, "How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him."So if God was with Jesus, and Jesus went about healing all those who were sick and oppressed of the devil, if it was God who was causing the disasters, sicknesses, accidents and troubles, wouldn't He be working against Jesus and not with Him?

If it is not God who is causing these troubles then who is it? This is only one of the hundreds of Bible verses that prove it is Satan who oppresses people with sickness and disease, and not God.
If you go back and read the book of Job, and see all that happened to Job and his family, Job gives you a picture of God as the one who afflicted him. This is because he cannot see into the spirit world as to what is really happening. Satan told God to touch all that Job had, but God put it back into Satan's court saying that all Job has is in Satan's hand. Contrary to popular opinion God was not giving Satan permission to attack Job.


No where does have God saying "I give you permission to attack Job."You see, Job had already made an agreement with Satan by his self -righteous religiosity. He had a spirit of fear and distrust in God already and that is why he always , "without ceasing" made sacrifices to God concerning his children. He even said later,"the thing which I feared has come upon me" Job's own self righteous religion, distrust in God, and fear was what gave Satan the permission to attack him. JOB was the one who brought it on himself! That is powerful!

All God was doing was acknowledging the fact. God even intervened and warned Satan not to touch Job's body, then later his life. God intervened for Job. Satan was the one who brought those misfortunes to pass, but who gets the blame? God does. All through the book of Job God is unjustly judged as the one who put all those things upon Job. Satan accuses God of the things he himself is guilty of. Satan does the damage and deceives people into believing it is God doing it for this reason or that.

This had caused many people to harbor bitter feelings against God. Now tell me, how can anyone have a close loving trusting relationship with God on


those terms?This is an awesome truth and until we see this it will be impossible to have peace with God and the relationship He desires to have with us.


Now just in case you don't know who the devil is and the damage he is capable of doing, I will list here facts about him because the Word of God says we are not to be ignorant of his devices. I will also list where those facts can be found, and also later on, how not to become a victim of his wiles, and also how to get set free from his bondage and snare.

Know Who Your Enemy Is and His Tactics

Satan: Tempted Jesus in the wilderness: Mt 4:1-11, Mk 1:12, Lk 4:1-13.

Blindness, Grievous vexation,
Convulsions, suicidal mania, Insanity,
Uncleanness, Mt 9:32,33, 12:22, Lk 11:14, Mt 15:22, Mk 7:24-30, Lk 9:37-43, Mk 5:1-18, Lk 8: 26-39 ,Lk 4:33-36
Accuser of the brethren Job 1:9-11, 2:4-5, Rev 12:10


Singles out individuals hoping to
destroy them Job 1:8, 12; 2:4-6
Hates good men Job Job 1:8-12
Is limited by God in touching His
children 1:12, 2:6
Recognizes and envies the blessings
of God upon others V10, 2:4,5
Seeks to destroy fellowship between
God and His children V10,11, 2:4-6
Seeks to cause men to curse God
and deny Him V11, 2:5
Can destroy riches of men 12-19
Can send fire from above V1
Can control the elements
and cause storms V18-19
Is untiring in his efforts to destroy
good men 2:1-8
Is the propagator of sickness and
disease in the bodies of humans 2:7, Acts 10:38

And every other evil they can think up and perform against God and man. It would be exhausting to list everything the devil does and can do here, as there are hundreds of Bible verses or more that EXPOSE his dastardly deeds against us. You would almost have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see the

works that he and his demons are behind. Or, even worse, SPIRITUALLY BLIND!

Know Who Your Savior Is and His Love and Grace for You!

The Eternal Godhead; God The Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit! The Nature of God!

Let us go through these Bible examples and we will use the examples of God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit so we can all get the big picture of what exactly is the nature of God, and how God is relating to us, His children, and the rest of the world in this New Testament time.

We will also take into consideration that we are living in the time of the end and see what Jesus says about at too, because there were many things prophesied in the Bible, Old Testament as well as New, about the time of the end that are just supposed to take their course because God has already said they will come to pass.

They will not come to pass because God is making them come to pass due to His being angry at

us or anyone else. He told us way ahead of time, thousands of years ago for goodness sake, that certain detailed events were going to transpire.

Now wouldn't it be a bit ridiculous for God to tell us thousands of years ago that "because I am going to get upset at this nation and this city and these people in the future" certain nations are going to fall, many will die, there will be great tribulation, even wrath, mind you, thousands of years ago, and then fulfill these things Himself in the end time when He finally decides to get angry.

"See? I am God and I am getting angry at the nations just like I said I would! See how mad I am? Now I am fulfilling the wrath, the tribulation, the end time events I said would happen, and I am doing it because it took me thousands of years to finally build up enough emotion and enough anger to let you all have it!"

How ridiculous that would be if you think about it. That is like a parent telling their child ,"If you don't stop that I will get angry ten years from now when you are old enough for me to get angry at you, then I will clobber you. I should really be angry by then if you keep it up" Maybe I will delay my wrath a bit and

wait until you are 20 more years older and then my emotions will come to the fore, and in my anger I will have to spank you"
So you see how ridiculous that would be?

I now present to you God and His Unconditional Loving Nature

Exodus 33:14, His presence went with them; Exodus 34:5-7, Stood with Moses, introduced Himself as merciful, gracious, long-suffering, abundant in goodness and truth, Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity, and transgression, and sin, but not clearing the guilty , as He is a just God.

Exodus 35:11 fills His people with His Spirit, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and all manner of workmanship. (Sounds like a productive God not a destructive one)

Deuteronomy 4:31 Merciful, will not forsake, will not destroy, will not forget His promises.
5:6 Brought His children out of Egypt
7:9 The Faithful God
20:4 goes with you, fights for you, saves you
30:14 He is near to our hearts

32:40 He says to live forever
1 Samuel 2:8 .....God raises the poor out of the dust, lifts up the beggar from the dunghill, sets them among princes, causes them to inherit thrones of glory,
2:9 God keeps the feet of His saints
1 Samuel 15:29 God will not lie......16:7 God looks on the heart
2 Samuel 22:26-28.....God shows Himself to us according to the type of person we are.
1 Chronicles 16:34......God is good....His mercy endures forever.
1 Chronicles 22:25........God gives rest to His people
1 Chronicles 29:12........He gives riches and honor, power and might, He makes great and gives strength to all.
2 Chronicles 16:9.........He shows Himself strong in the behalf of them whose hearts are perfect towards Him.
Nehemiah 9:6..............God creates and chooses.. , 9:17.....Slow to anger, ready to pardon, gracious and merciful
Job 9:4-12..........God's wondrous works and accomplishments
Job 28:23-27......God understands all, knows all, carefully measures His creation, prepares and searches all.
Job 32:8 and 33:4.....God is the giver of inspiration and


Job 34:10-12.......God does not commit wickedness, God does not sin, man is repaid according to his work, God does not pervert judgement.
Job 36:5...God does not despise anyone.
Job 36:22-33; 37:1-13 God has complete control over the works of His creation. He has created balance in everything, and is not responsible for the insanity of Satan's dastardly deeds.
Job 38,39,40....God graphically illustrates to Job His power and majesty and control. Still not even a hint of God being a destructive God who makes man suffer
Job 42:10-15 The Lord blesses Job by restoring all his possessions twofold more than before.

Through the whole book of Psalms, if you read and study through it you can see the picture of a God who delivers, not afflicts, a God who saves, not kills, a God who is worthy to be praised for all of His wondrous works, a God who is good, whose mercy endures forever. A God whose heart King David was after. Psalms describes God, in many beautiful and outstanding names and adjectives. He is the protector, a shield and buckler, a high tower,


deliverer, lifter up of my head, the King, and many other descriptions of God that do not attribute Him to causing the disasters, war, sickness and trouble in the world or people's lives. You also find blessing after blessing after blessing, and promise after promise after promise of health, provision, abundance, protection, covering, long life, eternal blessings, love, kindness, care, hope, faith, and many more outstandingly positive attributes of God, and these were all before Jesus came.

Through the Book of Proverbs you find a God that instructs us, gives us warning, wisdom, fills us with His Spirit, trains us in the way we should go, guides us with His eye, leads us , gives us the desires of our hearts. You also see in Proverbs that if you dig a pit you fall into it.
It is not God that digs the pit for you and pushes you into it, as many people think. If people want to go down the road of sin and play with fire, they will get burned for sure. It is not God doing it, but them doing it to themselves. Playing right into the hands of the devil.


In Isaiah He is a strength to the poor, strength to the needy in His distress, refuge from the storm, shadow from the heat, everlasting strength, Savior, power to the faint, He open the blind eyes, frees the prisoners and them that sit in darkness.
He dwells with the contrite and humble spirit, revives the spirit of the humble, and revives the hearts of the contrite, Lord, father, redeemer, Wonderful, Counsellor and more.

In Jeremiah He answers when we call upon Him. In Ezekiel He shows Himself to us, and gives us visions that thrill. In Daniel He reveals to us the secrets of the Time of the End. Through the rest of the prophets He encourages, strengthens, reveals, predicts, corrects, teaches, instructs, inspires and gives to us His heart, to show us what shall come upon the whole world, and to encourage us that He will return to Earth.

Even though God vented His wrath and punishment in the Old Testament, often in devastating ways, Jesus changed forever the way God relates to man.



If the Old Testament can show this kind of a God who is loving, merciful, forgiving, kind, pouring out blessing after blessing, and you also see His parental side of a loving disciplinarian too, even at times pouring His judgments upon His enemies and also the children of Israel, how much more do we see Him in the New Testament as the eternal , loving , long suffering, kind God who loves us and wants us to be in Him and He in us?

Since the Old Testament time was way before the coming of Jesus, and the world was not under grace, before the Laws of Moses God was quite lenient for the most part, until He saw that there were times He had to intervene and pronounce judgment in order to stop wickedness and keep it from spreading.

This is because man did not yet have the conception of sin, and how it displeased God. Therefore God had to give Moses the Law, so that mankind would be woken up and shaken up at sin to see how wicked it really was. They needed a deterrent; something to scare them into not sinning, even


before they knew the seriousness of their sins.

Similar to a 2 year old child. You cannot sit down and explain to him all of the spiritual reasons why he shouldn't do this and that. You just have to tell him not to do this or that, and if he still does, he gets some kind of discipline. After that he still may not understand why he shouldn't do this or that, but because he wants to avoid the discipline he will usually stop doing that thing.

This is what the Laws of Moses was like. People were not spiritually minded yet, and could not understand all of the spiritual principles as to why they should love their neighbor and not steal their wife and not kill someone, even in self-defence, and so forth. Therefore God had to have a way to teach them by the punishment, if they did such and such, so that others would fear, and thus such a sin would stop being committed, even if it was for the fear of punishment's sake.

However, in The New Testament, in John chapter one, it says, "For the Law came by Moses, but Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ"


In Luke, the angels are sent down by God at the birth of Jesus with a message for the whole world. "Peace on Earth and good will towards men" God sent them down to tell the world that He is not angry anymore. He now wants peace between God and man. He wills peace and good will towards all men, not judgment and death, if they decide to accept it , receive it and believe it.

In Matthew Jesus comes and in chapter 5 gives all the blessings we can receive by loving Him and being what God wants us to be, putting the ball in our court. If you want these blessings, become like God in your dealings with others. He goes on to share how God is now dealing with mankind in a merciful, loving way. Do you think that a God who would put out all those instructions and teachings on how we should treat others in love is not going to set the example and treat people that way Himself?

Would God go through all that pain of sending His only begotten Son to suffer and die for the sins of the world and then say it was not enough? "Even though Jesus died on the cross and was beaten beyond recognition, it wasn't enough and I am still mad at you for your sins, therefore I am going to


judge you and punish you every time you blow it."


Jesus, in John 14 is talking about the judgement of this world and Him taking it all upon Himself on the cross.
Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out. And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.モ Most people take this to mean that if Jesus is lifted up, all men would be drawn to Him.

The word "Men" in the KJV is italicized, which means it was not in the original writings. The KJV translators inserted that word into the verse. Originally it was not there. Without that word "men" in there , the meaning would be quite different. In order to keep the continuity of this verse in harmony with the rest of the passage, it makes more sense to say " If I be lifted up I will draw all JUDGMENT unto me. You could think of Jesus becoming like a human lightning rod and absorbing all of the judgement and punishment for our sins as He was nailed to the cross.



Colossians 2:14: Says:

14Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross;
Jesus nailed all of our sins to the cross. All of our sins, past present and future sins included were nailed to the cross. Was that not enough to pay for our sins? "IT IS FINISHED!"

I whole heartedly agree with what Andrew Wommack says in another article entitled, "The True Nature of God"

"God is a good God! He isnユt mad at us. He not only loves us, He likes us! He will never leave us nor forsake us, no matter how badly we miss it. His mercies are new every morning! Our sin does not affect His opinion of us nor cause Him to withhold His blessing! Great is His faithfulness!"


The reason most people mis-represent God so harshly is because they have a lack of understanding of the harmony between the Old Testament and the New Testament. Also most people, in their carnal reasoning and thinking, don't have so much forgiveness and mercy themselves, so they expect God will judge people the same way they are judging them, and that God will operate according to their feelings and emotions.

However, this is drawing the wrong conclusions of a merciful and loving God. Jesus painted a beautiful portrait of God in the Gospels through His teachings and actions. This was done by showing mercy to even the worse sinners, having compassion on the publicans and harlots, loving the unlovely, and ultimately dying on the cross for our sins to prove beyond doubt that He came to save the world, not destroy it.

Many are confused because of this misrepresentation of God to the people by ministers who say to serve the good God who just destroyed thousands of people including innocent women and children.


God is not schizophrenic. He is love, and that is His nature. In the Old Testament, before Jesus died for our sins, man had to learn that sin did not pay and there were consequences. God, in His love, laid down laws and rules that taught man what was right and what was wrong, because mankind just did not know the difference, as proved by the fact that God had to destroy the whole wicked world in the flood, saving only Noah and his family to replenish the earth.

Through Jesus, God made provision for sin, and not only that, but through the supernatural power we receive when born again, changed our hearts to desire to do God's will. This is something that was not in existence before Jesus came, except in the outstanding lives of some of the men and women of God recorded in the Old Testament such as Abraham, Moses, King David, and the prophets.

Even these men of God , called, chosen , and anointed, had many struggles, battles, failures, and made may mistakes, but their faith and persistent love and loyalty to God was stronger than their mistakes and sins, and so God used them to become examples to us.


Now that we have Jesus, and through the born again experience, we, unlike them, need not struggle with our faith and beliefs, experiencing purge after purge, test after test, suffering after suffering.
Jesus paid it all for us. His blood was the final atoning sacrifice for sins, once , for everybody.

Through faith in Jesus we are propelled into an eternal, loving, close and intimate relationship with the Creator, receiving His Spirit, the power of His love, AND the ability to communicate directly with Him through prayer. We also can receive the power and ability to share that love with others as we hear His voice leading us in the direction He wants us to go. Acts 1:8

Jesus came into our hearts, God the Father also has come to be with us, and the Holy Spirit dwells in us so the much so that our bodies are called the temples of the Holy Ghost.

We are also called the children of God, the body of Christ, the bride of Christ, heirs of the promise, kings and priests,


Now why in the world would God want to afflict, destroy, torture, maim and kill His own body, and temple? Why would He want to make His own bride sick? Why would He want to destroy the temple of the Holy Ghosts and see it suffer? The scripture says not to abuse the temple of the Holy Ghost, so why should God abuse His own temple? The simple truth is that IT IS NOT HIM WHO IS DOING IT! We are called living stones. Why would God want to destroy His own building blocks?

Would it make sense if you saw someone setting fire to his own house and killing his family who is inside IN ORDER TO TEACH THEM A LESSON OR HELP THEM TO GROW IN CHARACTER?

Would it make sense if someone who is in the middle of building a great building, suddenly stop building, turn around and blow it all up including all of the building materials and tools JUST TO TEACH SOME LESSON OR AS A PUNISHMENT?

" I am the God of Love, here , take this, take that! Crash, band boom! I will teach you not to disobey me


and not to love Me!" I love you, but for your sins against me, you shall be tortured and destroyed".

Let me here list the true nature of God as taught in the New Testament, under the New Covenant between God and man. Man did not make this covenant, God did. That is why he still does not understand nor grasp it fully. It is not something man can do. It is only something the eternal God is capable of.

All we have to do is receive it, believe it, and enjoy the benefits of this New Relationship, as God reveals to us who He really is and what He is really like. We have to remember that Jesus, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit all share the same nature even though they are all separate personalities.

When we talk about the nature of God we are not just saying this is Jesus only, or God the Father's nature only or the Holy Spirit. "For there are three that bear record in Heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost, these three are ONE!"
Jesus said "I and My Father are ONE!" That means they are in unity and have the same nature.


The true nature of God is described in Galatians 5:22and 23.
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance, against such there is no law."
This is not only how God expects us to act, but the way He is, it is the true nature of God, AND HOW ALL THREE MEMBERS OF THE GODHEAD BEHAVE AND ACT.

The true nature of the one and only God of love is described in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 also.
"Charity (love) suffereth long and is kind....does not envy.....does not lift itself not puffed up......does not behave itself unseemly..........does not seek her not easily provoked.....thinks no evil towards anyone.......does not rejoice in sin, but rejoices in the truth.......bears all things......believes all things.....hopes all things......endures all things.

This is the true nature of God! If God expects this type of behavior from His children, how much more would God himself behave like this? We can expect Him to at least behave the way He desires for us to behave. But God's kind of Love goes beyond all human expectation and passes all human understanding.


We have seen now from scripture what the Bible says about the true nature of God and the true nature of Satan. We can see how that people attribute the behavior, works and acts of Satan to be the behavior , works and acts of God. We have seen how religion has minimized the effect of the blood of Jesus, and emphasized self-righteousness as the work of God instead.

We have also tried to show you and prove to you from the very Word of God, the Bible, that God is a loving God and that we are now under grace, not the law. God wants us to grow up and learn the spiritual principles as to why we should not do this or that. He wants us to love hIm because He first loved us, not by force or cruelty or fear we will be punished or not blessed if we don't.

Acts 4:12 says, "Neither is salvation in any other, for there is no other name ,under heaven, given among men by which we shall be saved"

We are saved by believing upon the name of Jesus, not the hokus pokus of the devil.
The minute we are saved, born again we receive all of the exact same power that raised Jesus from the


dead. In that instant we receive the measure of faith, the measure of the Holy Spirit, and all spiritual blessings from God for our supply, protection, health and healing, happiness and joy , prosperity and abundance at once, because these things are no longer dependent upon our performance.

Have you received the REVELATION OF THE LOVE AND GRACE OF GOD in your life? Are you living the LOVE AND GRACE OF GOD and sharing it with others treating them with the same love and mercy and forgiveness you yourself desire to be treated with?

Or are you pronouncing judgment on people you think are your enemies, nations like America, Great Britain, Israel, Iraq,Iran, cities like New Orleans, Los Angeles, Hollywood etc, or even your neighbor, in self righteousness thinking they deserve the wrath of God for their sins?

If you are than you are thinking more like Satan and your angry, hateful and bitter thoughts, words and actions will follow suit , and will separate you from God and destroy your relationship with the God of Love. You will be defeated in your life and will be


overwhelmed by the problems and worries instead of being the overcomer and victoriously claiming by faith God's unconditional love and grace and blessings.

You will be confused as to the true nature of God, and unstable in your relationship with Him not knowing what He is going to do next. If He is going to be angry at you today or lenient. You will not have the faith to claim your right to be healed and other blessings thinking that God is withholding His hand because of your mis-behaviour, and that is was actually He who put these evils on you just as it was Job who thought it was God who had afflicted him because He was mad at him, not Satan.

The best way to get the revelation of God's unconditional love and grace is to read and meditate on God's Word because it is the only way, the only truth , the only life and will bring peace and joy to your soul. God will speak to you directly all about His love and grace if you spend time with Him in that sweet communion of heart to heart.


Then you will know Him, whom to know is eternal life. John 17:3 You will develop a personal, loving, intimate relationship with the God of Love, and will not be able to understand how anyone could possible slander God with lies about Him tempting, punishing, judging, or destroying the creation He so very much loves.

The key is to know God, just as you know your best friend or husband or wife and other members of your family so well, that if you hear someone slandering them and telling lies about them that are so unlike their nature, you can stand up and refute them with all faith and confidence because you KNOW them, and can testify beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are not anywhere like the false picture others are painting about them.

This is how we need to know our God. We need to know and love Him so much, and be so
familiar with His nature in our own lives that we can testify to the fact that He is not like the monster or harsh disciplinarian others mis-represent Him to be.

Jesus said, "Ye do err not knowing the scriptures nor the power of God." It is a lack of knowledge, and


ignorance of God's loving nature as is recorded in His Word, and which you can be a partaker of if you really know Him, whom to know is eternal life.



"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance, against such there is no law."

In conclusion: If you believe that God is angry and is getting ready to clobber someone or some country or nation for their rebellion against Him, maybe YOU are the one who is angry, bitter and hateful. Perhaps it is YOU who are the hard-hearted one and so unforgiving of others that you also think that God is like that.

That does not mean that God wants us to sin or it is ok to rebell against God because the Bible says that people will surely fall into the pit that they dig, and we will most certainly reap what we sow, and if you take fire into your bosom you will be burned.
God has a certain day, "The Day of the Lord" when He will meet out His righteous judgments on the whole world.
But for now, until that day, on the most part God is not angry and He is not at war with mankind anymore. Don't belittle what Jesus did on the cross, as if it wasn't enough. Don't think that you have to help God save you or bless you by doing good things. Of course if you know God and love Jesus you will want to do good things out of love to help others, but that does not increase your brownie points with God.
Jesus and only Jesus saves, and His sacrifice on the cross did it all, everything. All you have to do is believe. When we are saved we instantly receive the measure of His Spirit and ALL spiritual blessings in our spirit. Our spirits are made just and perfect and cannot sin. Of course we still have to battle with our sins and weaknesses in the flesh because it is not the flesh that is saved and perfected, but the spirit.

We just need to learn how to transfer those blessings from the spirit to the flesh in provision, protection, health and healing, miracles and other manifestations of His loving touch for us.

May God help us to learn more about His unconditional Love and Grace, so we can have the relationship with Him that He desires. In Jesus name I pray,Amen.

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